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In the fashion industry, which is the pattern you are most familiar, and most of the madness? Of course, it is the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern. LV specifically for “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” sent this golf replica bag is the Town Shop treasure Beijing flagship store, in addition to on this event, you can hardly find somewhere else to another one.

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The golf bag, a Louis Vuitton design adhering to the usual French elegance, Monogram canvas, especially tough and durable material that can accommodate the entire club, body replica bags uk and a plurality of pockets for storing clothes, balls, umbrellas and towels objects, perfect companion for golfers.

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Gucci Signoria 18k gold precious watch 55,520 yuan

As a symbol of Italian classic and modern, tradition and innovation, the prestigious Gucci is always shocking longing. Frida Giannini personally penned by the creative director of Gucci, especially dedicated to BAZAAR Charity Night new Signoria18k precious gold watch is to watch the fashion design and fashion the perfect combination of exquisite watchmaking.

In addition to time, it is a more eye-catching and luxurious jewelry. Carving saddle strap design, very streamlined and artistic sense, reflect a vivid case design, unique breathtaking distinguished luxury. Beyond the watch timer function, Giannini into the most modern sense of design in the traditional Gucci luxury into, so this is no doubt the most Gucci Signoria watch the new wave of luxury.

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Only the most exquisite craftsmanship and heritage style is enduring fashion boutique. Hermes is known as the luxury of luxury, dedicated to the “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” is the only named to Princess Grace Kelly, 30 years to create the legends classic replica handbags.

Kelly Bag in the fashion industry have an unshakable legendary status, became a woman proved to be successful and status symbol, many women dream even at the wait for several years. Only selected the most iconic Hermes orange, 25-inch Kelly bag, to top Chevre Mysore leather hand crafted, filled the Princess of Kelly-style elegance feminine female beauty timeless tribute.

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Leading the trend too much, too much fashion to create a miracle, Prada is definitely the focus of the first line of the body. Only designed for “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” specially selected Trunk Bag from PRADA 2007 the latest autumn and winter handbags series, its design inspired by a hard big suitcase.

Whole replica handbags uk sheepskin sewn, calfskin trim and embossed, rich detail with 470 body bags metal nest nail outline the bag body contour, is straightforward and elegant PRADA ultimate interpretation. Large space, soft leather, retro metal tag, in your excursions, working or busy shopping day of life is, this is the best style Trunk Bag endorsement.


Noble woman should have a noble dress skirt, in the most glorious moments in your life to make you shine. Italian national treasure design master Mr. Giorgio Armani specifically for 2007 “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” featured 07 new couture dress skirt, and specially flown in from Milan.

Refined and delicate hand-stunning, but the choice of expensive antique beige silk gauze, copper decorated with gold beading embroidery, showing a smooth pattern to fill the gap, make you elegant and refined. Classic and simple cut outline woman moving curve, low V neckline and drag skirt recommended a sexy and noble temperament, so that women who wear it alone was gorgeous luxury temperament.


This year is the 60th anniversary of Dior’s classic half a century to create the perfect fashion myth. High-profile luxury Dior and more specifically for the “BAZAAR Charity Night” into the latest by the John Galliano personally designed the 2007 series of autumn and winter clothing winter mink gilded leather jacket. Selected superior stitching mink hair lambskin, soft texture is enough to touch the heart of every woman.

Understated camel showing a fresh feeling, luxurious texture reflects the golden sun shine. Designers take advantage of the lucrative fur natural fur tension, create a relaxed and full of sense of volume of new fur fashion profile. Let your love for the winter bring Barbara noble style.

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He inherited the essence of the past century Italian handmade luxury leather goods, classic elegance of Fendi brand specifically for “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” China only Selleria suitcase ready, it is the best series of classic Fendi outlet bags, its famous decorative seam pressure line even more famous than double F logo.

Pure handmade Selleria bag is quite rare rare, very professional by the famous Roman craftsmen stitch sewn by hand. Box imprinted with Selleria Tromp L’Oeil classic horse pattern with silver studs and dark brown leather trim, is definitely your perfect journey, accompanied by a lifetime of top art collection. Selleria characterization is precious and honor, slight quarterly production can only meet the real collectors.

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Rare and expensive alligator so noble and elegant woman, a man even more noble and deep. Century-old noble brand Dunhill, the British gentleman classic representative. Designed for “BAZAAR Star Charity Night” alligator bag specially selected for the pursuit of quality of life to create an elegant gentleman. The selection of the ultimate luxury brown crocodile leather lined with contrasting blue microfiber lining, sway elegantly luxurious atmosphere.

Package design has many powerful barrier, the side can easily extract a wide mouth zipper, as well as housing accoutrements pocket, Nota Bene travel guide double deep storage bag. The front cover of dark brown alligator polished palladium buckle and buckle seat side by side with rare and expensive, leather This will undoubtedly become a model city exquisite taste masterpiece.